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drvena kašika

Soft gel capsules


Spore oil

250,00 €

137,50 €

Ganoderma Lucidum-soft gel capsule oil

The medicine of Chinese Emperors for 4,000 years

  •      It works on maintenance of health (antibacterial and antiinflammatory effect)
  •      Prevention and support of antitumor therapy (immunoactivatory and immunomodulatory effect with chemotherapy and radiotherapy)
  •      It improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, prevents anemia, heart disease, and infarction
  •      Protects the liver from chemically-induced damage, reduces and relieves pain due to illness
  •      It helps in the functioning of the digestive tract and kidneys
  •      It helps with autoimmune diseases
  •      It creates the balance of the endocrine system,
  •      Natural anti-allergen
  •      It works on the health of the whole organism
  •      Helps preserve a young and healthy look



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