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General business terms


Name:HEALTHY FOOD is a limited liability company for trade and services

Short name: Healthy Food jdoo
Headquarters: Strmen 105, 44210 Sunja, Croatia
Office Address: Strmen 105, 44210 Sunja, Croatia
Registered in the Registry of the Commercial Court in Zagreb
Business Bank and IBAN Account Number:
Erste & Steiermärkische Bank dd Rijeka , HR2824020061100843503
Privredna banka Zagreb dd. Zagreb, HR1523400091110984706
OIB: 35883879405
MBS: 081120227
Members of the Society: Dražen Požar
Persons authorized to represent: Dražen Požar
Phone: +385 99 370 5701
E-mail address:

A Consumer, as a customer, concludes a sales contract with the HEALTHY FOOD Limited Company for Trade and Services ("Healthy Food JDO") as a seller.

Legal persons as customers are subject to the application of the Mandatory Relationship Act and the Electronic Commerce Act, and are not subject to the Consumer Protection Act. These General Terms of Business apply to legal entities in the part relating to the price and method of payment, the main features of the product, the contract award procedure, the description of delivery methods and delivery costs, general information, waiver of liability, warranty and service terms, loyalty program and the moment of contract conclusion. The seller may, in his or her choice, enable a legal person to provide in every specific case the rights of a consumer who is a consumer.

The user is the person who uses the website , as well as every customer and visitor of the website

The conclusion of the purchase contract through the website is regulated in accordance with the legal provisions, taking into account, in particular, the principles and provisions of the EU Directive.The conclusion of a contract through the website is the conclusion of a distance contract

These General Terms of Business are also a pre-contractual notice and refer to the conclusion of a sales contract if the customer is a consumer, ie any natural person who concludes a legal transaction or operates in a market outside his trade, business, craft or professional activity, and if the contract is concluded between merchants and consumers within the framework of an organized sales or service system without the simultaneous physical presence of a trader and a consumer in a single place, whereby only one or more means of distance communication are used exclusively to conclude a contract and conclude contracts.

The means of distance communication are all the means that can be used for distance contracts, such as the Internet and electronic mail, without a simultaneous physical presence of a trader and a consumer.

The contract is concluded when the seller accepts the buyer's offer, and everything listed on is a call for bids.The seller may terminate the sales contract if the buyer does not pay the purchase price and is not required to make the delivery of the product until the purchase price has been received, unless the buyer has chosen the payment method. Healthy Food jdoo will try to deliver the shipment to the buyer three times in three different days.If the buyer for some reason does not take over the shipment during 3 delivery attempts, the same will be returned to the seller and he will not repeat the delivery. An integral part of these General Terms and Conditions is the General Terms and Conditions for the Protection of Personal Data. The official language for the conclusion of the purchase contract is the Croatian language.


Customer understands the main features of the product at Healthy Food jdoo reserves the right to make changes to the information, including product prices and promotional offers on the site without prior notice. Next to the picture of the product is a description of the main features of the product and its price with VAT. Prices, terms of payment and action offer are valid only at the time of ordering and / or payment.


Purchases are made on the Healthy Food jdoo website,, by filling out the foreseen form.When filling out the form, the buyer is obliged to enter all the information that is required of him. When you place an order, you create a customer account. Buying can be realized with the confirmation of the buyer that he has read and understood the General Terms and Conditions and that he has agreed to it and is aware that the order is a payment obligation. Shopping is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Healthy Food jdoo is not responsible for the cost of using computer equipment and telecommunication services needed to access the service.The buyer will be notified by email of confirmation of the order (receipt of the electronic message containing the buyer's offer) and delivery of the package.

In the event that Healthy Food jdoo is unable to deliver any of the products ordered with the buyer, by telephone or by e-mail, contact Healthy Food jdoo for the purpose of arranging the replacement product or eventual cancellation of the ordered product.

The purchase of products and / or services on behalf of and for the account of a minor or a person deprived of his or her business capacity (in whole or in part) can only be requested by their legal representatives.

Purchases are made by ordering available products that the buyer chooses based on the photo and the basic description. Photos are illustrative in nature and do not always have to match the available products in all detail. Shopping is done in a few simple steps in the comfort of a home buyer, from anywhere in the world.

Product search is possible by different criteria. By entering a particular term in "Search", products that are associated with the term will appear. The customer can choose a particular product interested in it and read an available product description so that he or she can make a decision on whether the product is fit for his or her needs. The customer's products are selected from the Healthy Food jdoo product catalog, which is sorted according to product types.

The ordering of the product is done electronically. By clicking the "Add to cart" icon, the selected product is added to the cart. By placing the product in the cart the product is neither reserved, nor ordered nor purchased. The customer can continue adding products by clicking on "Continue shopping" or review the basket by clicking on the "Review basket" or completing the product selection process by clicking "Complete shopping".

Once the customer completes the product selection process by clicking "Complete the purchase", he will redirect to the page where he chooses the payment method, the delivery method, the entry if he has a coupon or a gift certificate, adds additional notes if there is one, and indicates the appropriate box if he / she wants an R1 account.

Purchase can not continue without marking the "I agree with the General Business Terms" box, where by signing the buyer confirms that he has read and understood these General Terms and agrees with it and by marking the box "I am aware that the order includes the obligation to pay".

By clicking on "Change basket content", the customer can change the basket content. If the customer agrees with the purchase of the products that can be clicked on the "Pay" icon in the basket. After the buyer enters the order with the "Pay" icon, the seller will send the General Business Conditions to the buyer's email address along with the order confirmation and the number confirming that the buyer's order was received in the processing.

The seller will send the buyer a confirmation of the signed sales contract to his email address together with a confirmation that the package was sent.

If the buyer does not receive the ordered products he has paid within 10 business days (Saturday, Sunday and non-working days excluded) from the paid payment, ie 10 working days (Saturday, Sunday and non-working days excluded) from the conclusion of the contract with agreed upon payment upon receipt , it is obliged to inform Healthy Food jdoo about the same at .If the customer has not received a confirmation of the purchase via email within 24 hours or can not access the service in the manner indicated in the e-mail, he / she must contact the seller at or by phone +385 99 370 5701 Monday through Friday (nonworking days excluded) in the time of 9 - 15 hours.

In the event that Healthy Food jdoo is unable to deliver any of the products ordered with the buyer, by telephone or by e-mail, contact Healthy Food jdoo for the purpose of arranging the replacement product or eventual cancellation of the ordered product.In the event of a problem or ambiguity during the order, the customer can contact Healthy Food jdoo at the email or on the phone number +385 99 370 5701 from Monday to Friday (non-working days excluded) from 9 am to 3 pm.


The buyer is obliged to pay for the products ordered by credit or debit card - payment directly via the internet using the card payment service: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Maestro.

The purchase contract is concluded upon receipt of the buyer's offer and the product will be shipped to the delivery service within 5 working days (Saturday, Sunday and non-working days are excluded) from the receipt of the purchase price, except for cash payment where the product is delivered after conclusion of the purchase contract.

The product will be delivered to the customer within 7 business days (Saturday, Sunday and non-working days are excluded) from the time of delivery to the delivery service.

The account R1 is required by the customer to complete the order, the subsequent claims for the R1 account will not be considered.

The contract price includes all taxes and fees and is expressed in Croatian Kuna (HRK).


The Order of Healthy Food jdoo will be delivered within the deadlines specified under "Product Price, Method of Payment and Shipping".The delivery of the product is done through the delivery service HP - Hrvatska pošta ddJurišićeva 13, HR-10000 Zagreb, Phone: +385 99 370 5701, internet:

Healthy Food jdoo checks the order of the ordered product before each product delivery.


Delivery costs over 2.200,00 HRK or 300,00 EUR are paid by the seller in full.

Healthy Food jdoo is delivered within the Republic of Croatia, European Union, as well as other countries in which HP - Hrvatska pošta dd can deliver the shipment.

Customers are required to take over and view the consignment in front of the delivery agent, all to avoid subsequent complaints about the possibility of damage to the shipment when delivered.

If Healthy Food jdoo is unable to deliver the ordered product, it will inform the customer about it. The buyer may terminate the order or wait until the product is re-available. If Healthy Food jdoo is unable to deliver the product within the agreed period, it informs the customer who is obliged to leave a reasonable reasonable time to complete the purchase contract.

If the buyer does not take over the product or refuses the download of the product for no valid reason, Healthy Food jdoo reserves the right to demand reimbursement of costs of manipulation, transportation and other possible costs.


Users or customers are obliged to familiarize themselves with the General Terms and Conditions of the Web site before starting to use web strangers (hereinafter: web sites) of the owner of Healthy Food jdoo .If you have additional questions or ambiguities regarding the General Terms and Conditions, you can contact us at

By accessing the Website or using any part of its content, the User agrees to the General Terms and Conditions of the Website as well as any other terms and conditions of use of the web site concerned and the services provided through it.Users agree that they will not use the Website in such a way as to harm the authors or third parties and accept all risks of using the Website and the Services. If the user does not agree with the above, he / she is obliged to stop using the website and the services provided through it.

The content of the website is protected by copyright. Changing, borrowing, selling or distributing the content is only possible with the prior written permission of Healthy Food jdoo

Healthy Food jdoo makes it possible to use the site in the best possible way.This includes: server server monitoring, capacity expansion by number of users, customer support, and eliminating any errors and problems in system operation. Healthy Food jdoo does not take responsibility for any problems in the work of sites and services. Healthy Food jdoo can not guarantee that the use of the website will not be interrupted or error-free.The user agrees that access to the website may sometimes be interrupted or temporarily unavailable.

Users use the website at their own risk. Healthy Food jdoo is in no way responsible for any damages that the user may suffer by using the website and other natural or legal persons involved in the creation, production and distribution of are not liable for any damages resulting from the use or inability to use them.

Healthy Food jdoo reserves the right to disable access to web site to users in the event of an assessment that the same is used in an inappropriate manner.Healthy Food jdoo reserves the right to refuse access to the website to anyone, based on its own estimates.The User agrees to use the website in a way that does not endanger resources and services in its entirety.Inappropriate use of the web site is prohibited and results in the termination of access to the same.

The user is obliged to keep secret account information and is fully responsible for any damage caused by unauthorized use of his or her account

Healthy Food jdoo reserves the right at any time to modify or amend the General Terms and Conditions.The changes will take effect on the day of publication at continued access to the Website or the use of any part of its content will be deemed to be in accordance with the amended or amended General Terms and Conditions. Healthy Food jdoo advises periodically checking the General Terms of Business to get acquainted with any changes.

Healthy Food jdoo reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to modify, supplement or terminate any part of its business, including the website, or any part thereof, services, sub-sites or services provided through them.Subject law includes, but is not limited to, changing the availability time of the content, the availability of new data, the transfer method, as well as the right to access or use the web site.

It is the duty of the user to use the website in accordance with the positive regulations and the general moral and ethical principles. Healthy Food jdoo has the right at any time to check the content of the website to ensure compliance with the General Business Terms and Positive Regulations.Changes to the General Terms and Conditions apply immediately upon publication on the web site


Healthy Food jdoo (hereinafter: the seller) is responsible for the material defects of the product until the moment of customer risk passes (the moment he or she handed things to the buyer or to a third party designated by the buyer and not a carrier), regardless of whether the material disadvantage was known to him.Also, it also corresponds to those material defects that arise after the customer's risk passes if they are the consequence of the cause that existed before. It is to be understood that the deficiency that occurred within six months of the transfer of the risk to the house existed at the time of the risk transfer unless the seller proves the contrary or contrary to the nature of the matter or the nature of the deficiency. There is a disadvantage:

1. If the thing does not have the required properties for its regular use or for traffic,

2. if the thing does not have the characteristics required for the particular use for which the buyer is acquired, which was known to the seller or had to be known to him,

3. if the matter does not have any properties or features expressly or tacitly contracted or prescribed,

4. when the seller has delivered a thing that is not the same as the sample or model, unless the sample or model is shown for notice only,

5. If the thing does not have properties that otherwise exist in other things of the same kind and which the customer could reasonably expect to be by nature, especially taking into account the public statements of the seller, the manufacturer, and their representatives about the properties of things (advertising, tagging, etc.).

The consumer is obliged to notify the seller of any visible defects within two months of the day when he or she has discovered the defect and no later than two years from the transfer of the risk to the consumer.

When, after receipt of the goods, the buyer shows that the matter has a disadvantage that could not be revealed by a normal inspection when the goods were taken over, the buyer is obliged to notify the seller within ten days of the loss of the right, failing that notice, from the day when the disadvantage discovered.

The seller is not responsible for the deficiencies that appear after two months from the delivery of the item.The buyer's right, who promptly notifies the seller of the lack of gas, shall, after expiration of two months from the date of dispatch, notify the seller unless the seller's fraud has prevented the buyer from achieving them.

If a material defect is found, the seller may have one of the following obligations, all in accordance with the rules of the Mandatory Obligations Act:

1. eliminating the lack,

2. Surrender of another product without defect,

3. Price reduction,

4. Termination of contract.

Rights based on material misstatement on matters are regulated by the Mandatory Relationship Act.

When a buyer is a legal person, the rules on the material defect prescribed in the Mandatory Obligations Act, especially in the part where the material disadvantage of a legal person is regulated differently from those specified in the General Business Conditions, is then governed by the Mandatory Relationship Act.


The consumer may terminate the contract unilaterally within 14 days without giving reasons.

The 14-day period shall begin to run from the date on which the consumer or a third party designated by the consumer, other than the carrier, the product is in possession of it.

If a consumer orders one or more items of products to be delivered separately, ie if the goods are delivered in more than one item or more, the 14-day period begins to run from the date on which the consumer or third party is designated by the consumer, which is not a carrier, has given up the last piece or last consignment of the product.

If a regular supply of goods is contracted for a certain period, the 14-day period begins to run on the day when the consumer or third party designated by the consumer and not a carrier carries out the first piece or first consignment of the product.

If the consumer is not informed of the right to terminate the contract, the consumer's right to unilateral termination of the contract shall expire 12 months after the expiration of 14 days.

If the seller has provided the consumer with a notice of termination right within 12 months, the right to unilateral termination of the contract shall expire after the expiration of 14 days after the consumer has received such notice.

In order for a consumer to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate the contract, he must inform the seller about his decision to terminate the contract unilaterally before the expiration of the 14-day deadline by sending an unquestioned statement by post to Strmen 105. 44210 Sunja, Croatia, or by e-mail at, specifying your name, family name, address, phone number, fax or e-mail address, and the consumer may also use the enclosed example of a one-sided termination form contract.A copy of the onesided termination contract form can be electronically filled out by clicking here. Confirmation of the receipt of a declaration of unilateral termination of the contract shall be submitted by the seller to the consumer without delay, by electronic mail. In the event of termination of the contract, each party shall return to the other party what it has received under the contract. Unless the seller has offered the goods that the consumer returns to take over, the seller must make a refund only after the goods have been returned, ie after the consumer has provided evidence that the goods have been returned to the seller if the seller was notified of it before the receipt goods. The Seller is not obliged to make a refund of the additional costs resulting from the consumer's express choice of the type of transport which is different from the cheapest type of standard carriage offered by the seller. Seller must make a refund payable using the same payment method used by the consumer when paying, unless the consumer expressly agrees to another payment method and assuming that the consumer is not required to pay any additional costs for such refund.

Unless the seller has offered the goods that the consumer returns to take over, the consumer must make a refund of the goods without delay and no later than 14 days after the seller has informed the vendor of his decision to terminate the contract.

It is considered that the consumer has fulfilled his obligation to return the goods on time if they send the goods before the expiry of the deadline or to the seller or the person authorized by the seller to receive the goods.

All direct costs of product return are borne by the consumer. The consumer is responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods other than that which was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the product.

In order for the consumer to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods, he or she can handle the goods and view the goods only in the way that is customary when purchasing goods on the seller's premises. The item that the buyer intends to return within 14 days must not wear, use or take any other action to diminish the value of the goods.

In the period in which the consumer realizes the right to return the goods must be kept with due care and must behave as a particularly careful and conscientious person. In the case of impairment of the product resulting from the handling of the product, the seller will be charged from the amount of the purchase price received in the ratio of the impairment of the goods to their own estimates, taking into account the objective criteria of each particular case.

In order to facilitate the drafting of the written termination of the contract, the informal one-sided contract termination form can be filled in and sent to Seller's Healthy Food jdoo, Strmen 105, 44210 Sunja, Croatia or via email at of the contract may be filled by the consumer and by clicking on the link above.

The right to terminate a sales contract is not permitted in the following cases when:

1. the subject of the contract of goods which is made by the consumer specification or which is clearly adapted to the consumer,

2. The subject of the contract is sealed goods which, due to health or hygienic reasons, are not eligible for repatriation if it was cleared after delivery,

3. the object of the contract of goods which, because of its nature, is inseparably blended with other things after delivery,

4. The consumer specifically required a merchant visit to perform emergency repairs or maintenance operations, so that if during such a visit, along with the services that the consumer has explicitly requested, the trader provides some other services or supplies other goods than is necessary for performing emergency repairs or maintenance operations, the consumer has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract with these additional services or merchandise.

When a buyer is a legal person, no part of these General Terms and Conditions of Business under the title "Right to Unilateral Termination of Contract" shall apply to it. Legal Obligations Act and Electronic Commerce Act apply to legal persons.


All objections pursuant to Article 10 The Consumer Protection Act can be sent by mail to Healthy Food jdoo, Strmen 105, 44210 Sunja, Croatia, e-mail to or personally in the sales office at Healthy Food jdoo, Strmen 105, 44210 Sunja, Croatia.

In order for the Healthy Food jdoo to respond to a written complaint not sent by electronic mail, consumers are encouraged to provide accurate information about their name and surname, the address to which they will be sent an answer.Response to consumer complaint Healthy Food jdoo must be legally issued in writing no later than 15 days after receipt of the complaint.

In the event of a possible dispute, Healthy Food jdoo and the consumer will settle the dispute peacefully, and if not possible, the Municipal Civil Court in Sisak is authorized with the application of Croatian law.Settlement of disputes is possible before the Court of Honor of HGK or other mediation centers.

Consumer disputes can be resolved through the ODR platform of the European Commission

If a customer accepts the General Terms and Conditions, it accepts all other terms listed on the web site as well as all the other terms set forth on that website.If the consumer does not agree with any part of the pre-war notice or the General Terms and Conditions, he or she may not be using the website and shall not enter into a sales contract.

Healthy Food jdoo reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions without prior notice.The general terms of business are consistent with

If the customer is a legal person, the consumer protection rules prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act do not apply to him.

The rules on a written consumer complaint do not apply to legal entities to which the Mandatory Relationship Act and the Electronic Commerce Act apply.


If a particular product has a warranty or is subject to service conditions, the same is emphasized in the description of that product. Rights from the Guarantee List can only be used with the submission of the Guarantee List and invoices during the term of the Warranty Period.



This Privacy Policy ("Rules") explains how Healthy Food jdoo Strmen 105, Sunja, Croatia (hereinafter referred to as "Healthy Food jdoo") collects, uses, and manages your personal information on the website and is available on Healthy Food jdoo using

Healthy Food jdoo is dedicated to protecting and respecting your privacy.Read this policy carefully to understand why and how we collect your personal information and how it will be used. Regarding the personal data we collect, Healthy Food jdoo is the "processing manager", ie the one that determines the needs for which the data and means for processing the personal data.

Healthy Food jdoo as a provider of web site is committed to protecting privacy and personal data

If you want to contact us about these policies or about your personal information, please use the following contact information:

Company name: Healthy Food jdoo

Address: Strmen 105, 44210 Sunja, Croatia



Healthy Food jdoo collects personal information for the purpose of making and fulfilling the purchase contract, records of customer orders made, unique user identification, business analysis, marketing, reward system implementation, product delivery, sales documentation, technical support and payment authorization through credit and debit card.

For more information on situations and circumstances for collecting your personal information, please see below, in what section will we use for your personal information? Remember that this is information about potential ways of using personal information that you may encounter when visiting our website, obtaining a purchase from us or using our service. In each of these cases, you will get clear additional information about the purpose of data processing, and in some cases we will also need your explicit permission to process.

We do not use your personal information for marketing purposes unless you tell us that you agree to this. If you would like us to send you details about our products, services, bids, and promotions, please subscribe to it when you join our Loyalty Program or subscribe to our newsletter.For more information, visit the Marketing and Loyalty Programs section below.

According to your personal information, we refer to as confidential information, and are properly protected by Healthy Food jdoo and / or our trusted partners (for more information see section: Does Healthy Food jdoo share data with third parties?under).


When a user engages in specific activities on the website such as newsletter subscription, joining a loyalty program, opening an account, using an online store, responding to a poll, posting comments, posting content, participating in competitions or prize draws, sending feedback, requesting information about services, posting on job adverts, Healthy Food jdoo may request from the user to provide certain additional personal information.In that case, prior to providing additional personal data, the user is required to review these Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions and agree to their use with respect to the additional information.

Depending on the types of activities, some of the required information is mandatory and some as voluntary. If a user does not want to provide mandatory activity data that requires them, they will not be allowed to engage in that activity.

Healthy Food jdoo collects and uses personal information to enable users to use services and activities through the website, enhance the work of the website, create a user database for the purpose of improving the service and / or marketing, contacted the users to deliver marketing announcements, improve advertising and promotional activities, and analyze the use of the web site, personal data can be used to solve problems, administer administrative tasks, and establish contact with users.

On the web site, Healthy Food jdoo collects the following personally identifiable information: name and surname, password, phone number, address, email address, product mailing address, billing address, zip code, city, sex, date birth, company and OIB only for companies.

Insight into the personal information of the user may have, in the performance of his / her business sphere of work related to the sales contracts that customers make with Healthy Food jdoo, the following persons: legal persons participating in the execution of a sales contract such as delivery services, bookkeeping services, information support, marketing support, companies that are associated with Healthy Food jdoo, public bodies that require the delivery of personal information in accordance with the regulations binding on Healthy Food jdoo, whereby Healthy Food jdoo keeps the prescribed records of processing activities.


Healthy Food jdoo observes that every user should have the ability to ensure the accuracy, completeness and updating of their personal information.If the user feels that his personal information is incomplete, incorrect or has not been updated, he may contact Healthy Food jdoo by sending an e-mail to

Keep in mind that at any time you have the right to Healthy Food jdoo to request the following:

- to allow you access to your personal information
Healthy Food jdoo can ask you which personal information you are using and you can also ask for access to these personal information.You have the right to know the purpose of processing, which categories of your personal information we keep, the bodies or categories of bodies with which you share your personal information, the period of data retention, as well as the data source when the data is collected indirectly.

- to provide a copy of the personal information we keep
You can contact us if you want to copy some or all of the personal information we care about you.

- request correction of incorrect data
We want your personal information to be accurate and up to date. You can ask us to correct or remove the information you think is incorrect or outdated.

- request deletion of personal data
You can ask to stop processing or even request the deletion of personal information about you that we keep. If your personal information is needed to make some contractual commitments to you, Healthy Food jdoo may cease to be able to perform such contractual obligations.Also, if your personal information is needed to meet certain statutory obligations (such as tax liabilities), your application may not be able to exercise it.

- restrict access to your data (to us and / or third parties) in certain processes or in full
If you want to defeat the accuracy of the data, or we no longer need personal data for the purpose of processing, but are required by you to establish, enforce, or process legal requirements, or you are opposed to processing based on what we consider to be legitimate, you have the right to request restriction of personal data processing.

- file a complaint in the way we use your information
Remember that you have the right to file a personal data processing based on the legal basis that Healthy Food judo considers legitimate.

- require data transfer to another processor (transferability of rights)
If the processing is based on your consent or is done by automatic means, you have the right to request from Healthy Food jdoo data transfer to another processor. 

To achieve any of the above rights please use the Healthy Food jdoo contact data from the privacy section.

If you are not happy about collecting or using your personal information, you can file a formal complaint with the Personal Data Protection Agency.


We keep the personal information we collect about you in a safe environment. Your personal information is protected against unauthorized access, disclosure, use, alteration, or destruction by any organization or individual.

Some data is still stored in paper format, but we tend to digitize all the personal data we process. Data processed is stored in our premises and IT systems, but sometimes we store data on our trusted service provider.

Healthy Food jdoo will ensure that the personal information of the user is kept in a safe place (including reasonable administrative, technical and physical protection to prevent unauthorized use, access, disclosure, copying, or alteration of personal data) accessible only to authorized persons Healthy Food jdoo.

The data collected for the purposes set forth in these Rules will be stored for as long as is necessary to meet these purposes. Your personal information will not be kept in a form that allows you to be identified longer than Healthy Food jdoo reasonably considers necessary for the purpose for which it was collected or processed.Healthy Food jdoo will keep certain personal information over a period of time that prescribes a law or a regulation binding on Healthy Food jdoo for data storage.

If you have given us a privilege, we will process your personal information until you withdraw your priva. If you make a strong complaint about personal data processing based on a legitimate interest, we will not process your personal information in the future.

If a court, administrative or out-of-court procedure is initiated, personal data may be stored by the end of such proceedings, including the time period for filing legal remedies. Healthy Food jdoo will keep certain personal information in a time period that prescribes a law or a regulation binding to the data processing manager.


Privacy is important to us, so we will never share your personal information with third parties except for the purposes described in these Terms and Conditions and General Business Terms.

As you know, Healthy Food jdoo works with other companies.This means we sometimes share your personal information, using secure IT systems. When this is done, the data is transmitted to servers located in the EU or in a country that provides an adequate level of protection in accordance with EU legislation.

In addition, your personal information can be provided to our trusted partners who maintain our IT system or provide services on behalf of Healthy Food jdoo .For example, for marketing, finance, advertising, payment processing, delivery and other services in and out of Healthy Food jdoo .These service providers are, however, under the relevant contracts, to use the information they have only entrusted to them in accordance with our guidelines and solely for the purpose we have strictly defined. We also undertake to adequately protect your data and consider it a business secret.

In some cases, our partners providing services on behalf of or for Healthy Food Jdoo can process your information outside the European Union.However, the contracts we make with such entities oblige them to handle your data with special security measures in accordance with the regulations in force in the Member States of the European Union.

Healthy Food jdoo does not record or store transaction data of users required for card payments.


Healthy Food jdoo will not keep your personal information longer than the period for which the data is required to fulfill the purpose of their use.For more information about the storage periods for certain types of data, see the section on what information will we use?


We may use your personal information in a number of different ways, mainly to fulfill our contractual obligations to you, but sometimes to improve your shopping experience, direct marketing, and security reasons.


When you make a purchase through a website, depending on the case, we may be prompted to provide you with certain personal information needed to properly process your purchase.

The Buyer agrees that Healthy Food jdoo can process personal data for the needs of its own records and statistics, for the purposes of creating customer databases, product and service information, delivery information needs, promotional materials delivery, customer relationship improvement and improvement of services. Healthy Food jdoo can provide this information to third parties for the purpose of enforcing the contract, protecting the interests of users and Healthy Food jdoo and preventing any misuse, the need for a better understanding and understanding of individual needs and user requirements as well as developing the best quality of all services provided by Healthy Food jdoo result have increased user satisfaction.

Healthy Food jdoo will keep personal information as much as is necessary for the purposes set forth in these Terms and Conditions and General Business Terms.

To ensure that the products and services you purchase from us are delivered to the correct address, we share your personal information needed to provide certain services from trusted external partners (eg your name, delivery address, and delivery message you provided - such as the time days when you want to receive delivery).

In addition to personal data, Healthy Food jdoo may also request other information that can not be identified by the user and is not considered personal information (such as site, computer, internet server, preferences, hobbies, interests, activities). which Healthy Food jdoo provides for better, more accurate and personalized selection of user data, enhancement of the site, and additional routing and customization of its content to users.Based on these data, Healthy Food jdoo learns about the most popular content among which users.


We will keep and evaluate information about your recent visit to our website and how you use different parts of our site for analytical purposes, in order to understand how our users use our website.

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These Rules shall enter into force on 01. February 2019.

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Use CorvusPay - an advanced payment card payment system online for payment on our web store.

CorvusPay ensures complete secrecy of your credit card information from the moment you enter them into the CorvusPay payment form. Payments are transmitted by encrypted from your web browser to the bank that issued your card. Our store never comes into contact with the full details of your payment card. Also, data is not available even to employees of the CorvusPay system. Insulated core manages and manages sensitive data independently, keeping them completely safe.

The payment access form is secured with the highest reliability SSL transport code. All stored data are additionally encrypted, using a cryptographic device certified to the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard. CorvusPay meets all the requirements for online payment security prescribed by leading card brands, or operates in accordance with the PCI DSS Level 1 - the highest standard of payment card industry standard. When paying for cards included in the 3-D Secure program, your bank with the validity of the card also verifies your identity with tokens or passwords.

Corvus Info collects all collected information as bank secrecy and treats them accordingly. Information is used solely for the purposes for which they are intended. Your sensitive data is completely secure and their privacy is guaranteed by state-of-the-art security mechanisms. Only the data necessary for the performance of the job will be collected in accordance with the prescribed on-line payment procedures.

The security controls and operational procedures applied to our infrastructure ensure the current reliability of the CorvusPay system. In addition to maintaining strict access control, regular security tracking, and deep-seated network vulnerability checks, as well as providing timely information security, keeps and improves the security of your system by protecting your card.

Thanks for using CorvusPay!